Schauenburg Flexadux Corp. closes asset deal with Turnstone Industrial Solutions, LLC.

8. March 2023

Schauenburg International is selling the operating assets of Schauenburg Flexadux Corp. to Turnstone Industrial Solutions (TIS), LLC, a US manufacturer of ventilation equipment.

“Our product portfolio at Schauenburg Flexadux Corp. includes ventilation systems, particularly for the mining industry, or the Novoform brand in the construction sector. We are an established supplier of safety technology. Many of our products extend the TIS offering,” said Eric Salmon, general manager of Schauenburg Flexadux Corp.

“With the TIS transfer, we are strengthening the market position of the Novoform brand and the company’s development opportunities in the long term,” confirmed Florian Schauenburg, CEO of Schauenburg International. “Schauenburg Flexadux Corp. has been an integral part of the Schauenburg International Group for almost fifty years. We thank all employees and management for their reliability. That’s why we are committed to optimizing Flexadux’s future viability.”

Schauenburg Flexadux Corp. is a part of SCHAUENBURG International group.

10. July 2024
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