Schauenburg Systems launches first fully digitalized Lamproom in South Africa

27. March 2023

Schauenburg Systems, a leading provider of mine safety technology, has recently launched the first-ever fully digitalized lamproom platform, DigiTerminal, in South Africa. The company has over the last three years established a software platform that is set to revolutionize the way lamprooms are managed and operated in the country.

Traditionally, lamprooms have been an essential part of the mining industry, serving as a central location where miners can collect and return their safety equipment, including cap lamps, self-contained self-rescue packs and gas detection equipment. However, the manual process of checking in and out equipment has been time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in potential safety risks.

The new digitalized lamproom solution, DigitTerminal, developed by Schauenburg Systems, leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline the equipment management process and improve safety in the mining industry.

Beyond safety, the digitalized lamproom is expected to bring significant cost savings and efficiency gains to Schauenburg Systems’ customers. By automating the equipment management process, the system reduces the need for manual labour and administrative tasks, freeing up resources that can be used elsewhere in the mine. Additionally, the system’s real-time monitoring capabilities will enable mine managers to make data-driven decisions that optimize equipment availability, reduce downtime and improve productivity. The system improves the overall accuracy of lamproom processes, eliminates errors made with manual paperwork and reduces the carbon footprint by operating paperless.

“Schauenburg Systems’ launch of the first fully digitalized lamproom in South Africa represents a significant step forward for the mining industry. Leveraging cutting-edge software developed with local software houses combined with proven hardware, Schauenburg Systems enhances mine workers’ safety and reinforces asset management. This is how we foster innovation through digitalisation while further reducing the carbon footprint”, expressed Dieter Kovar, CEO of Schauenburg International-Africa Group.

10. July 2024
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6. June 2024