SCHAUENBURG International invites to Investors Dinner

1. December 2021

The first Investors Kitchen Dinner was a complete success: Various representatives from the PE, VC, start-up and corporate scene use the event to exchange ideas and make contacts in a relaxed and personal atmosphere while adhering to strict Corona rules. As an investment company, SCHAUENBURG International – together with the venture arm – would like to specifically share its own expertise, build and strengthen partnerships and networks.

The SCHAUENBURG Investors Kitchen Dinner represents a new format in this regard. “As SCHAUENBURG International, we give investors of various orientations and young founders and network partners the opportunity to present and discuss forward-looking topics,” explains Moritz Schumacher, Managing Director of SCHAUENBURG Ventures. “There are short impulse contributions between drinks and the menu courses with simultaneous opportunities for open discussion and a casual exchange of ideas.”

“In this way we want to strengthen the network building between entrepreneurs, founders, investors and universities. The format worked great and was a lot of fun for both us and all participants, as was reflected back to us many times… be continued!” adds Florian G. Schauenburg, CEO of SCHAUENBURG International Group.

Mülheim / Düssseldorf
14. March 2024
18. January 2024