Schauenburg Systems supports Carbon Offset project in Stellenbosch.

9. February 2023

In 2022 Schauenburg Systems calculated its first GHG inventory, also known as a carbon footprint. Following this, the organization committed to setting a carbon neutrality target aligned with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Paris Agreement which aims to keep global average temperature increases below 2ºC.


With the aim to reduce its carbon emissions, Schauenburg Systems purchased offsets from the Credible Carbon (Pty) Ltd registry.


This company registers projects that are independently audited for their carbon reduction and their impact on poverty. They pride themselves on creating a transparent and robust carbon trading system that gets as much money as possible to projects that are part of South Africa’s climate change solution.


The project that Schauenburg offset its carbon emissions through was the Stellenbosch Community Recycling initiative. This initiative contributes to 11 of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set out by the United Nations General Assembly. Emissions savings are generated by diverting waste from landfill where it would have contributed to methane and CO2 emissions.


The project recycles about 15 000 tons of solid waste in and around Stellenbosch, South Africa annually by operating local recycling drop-off sites, focused on community-based “waste-preneurs”, schools and local businesses.


Chantal Churchill, Head of Sustainability of Schauenburg Systems said, “Overall, environmental sustainability is a complex issue that requires the efforts of individuals, companies, and governments around the world. By working together and making conscious choices, we can preserve the natural environment and its resources for future generations.”


“Credible Carbon is motivated by the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions and develop a green economy, but also by the need to ensure that the global climate transition is just, for workers and poorer communities in Sub-Saharan Africa”, says Anton Cartwright, Founder and Director of Credible Carbon.

Schauenburg (Pty) Ltd, t/a Schauenburg Systems

Schauenburg Systems is an Original Equipment Manufacturer with branches all over South Africa. It is part of the Schauenburg International Group, a strategic family equity investor headquartered in Germany. Schauenburg Systems provides technology solutions for enhanced safety and productivity in mining and industrial markets. By pooling vast internal engineering expertise and access to external competence, it lives up to its brand promise of “Innovation that Saves”. It has positioned itself as an active partner for digital transformation like for the upcoming requirements of the “Connected Worker”.


Credible Carbon (Pty) Ltd

Credible Carbon is a boutique carbon registry focused on making the global carbon work for poverty alleviation projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2008, the registry has issued third-party audited credits from projects that simultaneously cut emissions and reduce poverty. By reducing up-front costs, Credible Carbon has been able to support several smaller projects in Africa’s informal sector (recycling, composting and energy efficiency projects) in gaining access to the global carbon market, and has transferred over R40 million to these projects.

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