deconta air purifiers for Duisburg primary school – pupils earn their own air filters through sport

21. December 2021

Duisburg, December 2021 – From now on, purified air fills the classrooms of the Gerhart Hauptmann Primary School (GHS) in the west of Duisburg. As one of the first schools in Duisburg, the school council, the support association and the school management have jointly obtained a permit for the installation of air purifiers. Nadja Pillich, chairperson of the school council, is pleased: “This means we can finally avoid winter coats in the classroom and freezing in class, because the really cold days don’t come until January and February. Of course, we will continue to comply with the ventilation concept of the city of Duisburg, but the existing CO² traffic lights only show green for a low CO² concentration when there is a draught, and then the children are often already hypothermic.”  

The money for the purchase of the air purifiers came from a joint campaign by the pupils:  In a fitness challenge, all the pupils did an extraordinary amount of sport and had relatives and friends sponsor them. “Each child was able to mark on a plan how much sport they had done. For more than 1 hour of extra sport per day, the sponsors were asked to give the children 2€. One child managed to do more than 12 hours of extra sport that week, and another had collected so many sponsors that they handed in an amount of over €100 afterwards,” says Andrea Martini-Heckhoff, Headmistress of GHS. The rest of the money for the purchase of the deconta air purifiers will be paid by the support association. The association also remains the owner of the devices.   

The Isselburg-based manufacturer deconta, which has already equipped many schools in Berlin with mobile air purifiers, also provided great support.  Currently, two different deconta models are running in test mode at GHS so that the school can decide promptly which air purifier is better suited to the conditions at the primary school. Managing Director Kristin Wißing is enthusiastic about the campaign: “We are happy to help with such intensive commitment on the part of parents and children,” explains Kristin Wißing. “We are very keen to provide pupils in North Rhine-Westphalia with the greatest possible health protection, especially with regard to the Corona Omikron variant and far beyond.”  

deconta is a company of the SCHAUENBURG International Group. 

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