Deep Tech and SMEs – a perfect match

18. January 2024

The sixth investor dinner was dedicated to a specific question: “Is there a perfect match between deep tech and SMEs?” Jointly organised by Schauenburg International and Schauenburg Ventures, this event offers investors, but also representatives from other companies, research or the start-up scene, a platform to share their own expertise, but also to present and discuss forward-looking topics. In order to shed light on the current topic from both sides, the investor dinner was organised this time together with First Momentum Ventures – a fund with a special focus on early-stage deep tech start-ups with potential industrial applications.

Deep tech refers to new technologies that create fundamental changes or innovations or can even be industry-changing. This is known as a leap innovation. “This often does not come from existing companies themselves, but from research or start-ups,” explains Malvine Komorek, Investment Manager at Schauenburg International. “Deep tech includes the core topics that are currently influencing various industries: AI, cleantech, robotics or even blockchain.”

In order to integrate these innovations into the business model of often independent companies in the SME sector, a conscious external opening is required with regard to cooperation partners from industry or research, start-ups and continuous market development. “We are convinced that networks or platforms like these are the best way to establish a common understanding of topics and a trusting collaboration,” confirms Florian G. Schauenburg, CEO of Schauenburg International.

After all, collaboration only works perfectly when everyone involved is clear about their roles and expectations, as Prof. Dr Nadine Kammerlander emphasised in her keynote speech. “If the start-up wants active support and the investor sees the investment more as a passive financial investment, it will be difficult. This is where honesty, self-reflection and shared value pay off: The more precisely ideas about the collaboration are harmonised, i.e. who can expect what, the better it can work.”

Andreas Fischer, founder and partner at First Momentum Ventures, couldn’t agree more. “Being able to draw on expertise and existing infrastructure is an unbeatable advantage, especially when it comes to validating ideas and piloting,” he summarises. “SMEs not only need deep tech, but deep tech start-ups also need contact with industry and SMEs. In my experience, the perfect match is becoming increasingly common!”

Düsseldorf / Salmtal
6. June 2024