Schauenburg Systems audited according to Dow Jones’ Global Corporate Sustainability Index

2. March 2023

Schauenburg Systems (Pty) Ltd who has been engaged with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics for the last two and half years, has recently achieved an exceptional result in its ESG audit that was done by Pro Optima Audit Services who was appointed by one of our top customers to conduct a compliance verification on their contractors.


Schauenburg Systems’ ESG score reflects its commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical business practices and gives a clear indication that they are on the right track regarding all aspects of ESG.


The scoring method used by the auditing firm was based on the Dow Jones’ Global Corporate Sustainability Index for ESG. The audit goes on a scale of five from Undesirable (-1) via Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, to Very Good and Excellent. Schauenburg Systems achieved an overall score of 2.49 which was rated as Very Good. This was the result of a thorough investigation by the audit firm on many subcategories such as skills development, Health&Safety policy, GHG emissions reduction, environmental management plan, good governance practices and risk management. The results confirm that the legislative compliance of Schauenburg Systems poses a low risk to its customers in Africa – according to the audit report.


Schauenburg System has implemented policies and practices that promote sustainability across its operations, including the reduction of its carbon footprint, recycling initiatives, and responsible waste management. “Environmental initiatives, social responsibility, and good governance practices contribute today even more than in the past to the success of an organization” expressed Chantal Churchill, the Head of Sustainability at Schauenburg Systems.

Düsseldorf / Salmtal
6. June 2024