Schauenburg Systems is changing the lives of young South Africans through two initiatives with YES

15. June 2022

Schauenburg Systems (Pty) Ltd, a leading technology company in the field of mine safety and productivity, visited the recently completed Digital Hub in Alexander, Johannesburg, which it facilitated through a major financial contribution.

The hub offers young people in the township the opportunity to develop their potential and turn their hopes and dreams into feasible economic opportunities. Participants who register at the Hub are offered access to networks, training, markets, work opportunities, ideas for careers or new businesses, and the necessary partner support to make it happen. The Hub already boasts a culinary academy, a 3D printing facility and a textile manufacturing facility.

With the new recently completed Digital Hub, 25 young people have access to state-of-the-art computer facilities to learn graphic design, data capturing as well as other software programs.

Another initiative that Schauenburg Systems is involved in through its partnership with Youth Employment Service (YES), is offering 12-month quality work experiences to 23 unemployed young South Africans. Some of these young people are working in a sanitary pad manufacturing site (Blossom Care) where they are learning manufacturing and entrepreneurship related skills. In essence, they manufacture sanitary pads which are then donated to schools, clinics and other social enterprises. Blossom Care is a self-sustainable micro-enterprise that focuses on driving sustainable jobs.

This project follows suit after another successful project with YES in 2021, where Schauenburg created 32 jobs of temporary nature for services at mines. Thereof 22 have already been transferred into permanent employment.

Schauenburg International – Africa Group CEO, Dr Dieter Kovar says, “It is painful to read that around 65% of young and talented people in this country are unemployed. We are really pleased that the economic situation of our company allows us to generate employment and to fund relevant projects through YES. The attached testimonial from the 22-year-old Mpho Sweetness Msuli generates the extra satisfaction that enriches our life.”

“Last year before I got this amazing opportunity, I was unemployed and actively searching for a job. I had lost hope in job hunting because I thought I was unlucky, I only got scam job interviews and a lot of regret emails. That made me lose hope by November last year.

This program has impacted my life in many ways. I am currently living with my grandmother and my daughter and before I got this opportunity, we were dependent on my grandmother’s pension money. Since I got this opportunity, I can now contribute to the household, and I no longer depend on anyone to buy me the things that I need. I can also take care of my daughter and have now registered my daughter in a daycare centre nearby. This opportunity helped me a lot, my life has changed ever since I got employed.

In the future, I see myself as a businesswoman or a shareholder at Blossom care solutions since I have hope that this will not be only for 12 months but it’s a lifetime opportunity. To unemployed youth, I would advise them to never lose hope and to never give up on life. Patience is a virtue and patience is key.”

Schauenburg (Pty) Ltd, t/a Schauenburg Systems
Schauenburg Systems is an Original Equipment Manufacturer with branches all over South Africa. It is part of the Schauenburg International Group, a strategic family equity investor headquartered in Germany. Schauenburg Systems provides technology solutions for enhanced safety and productivity in mining and industrial markets. By pooling vast internal engineering expertise and access to external competence, it lives up to its brand promise of “Innovation that Saves”. It has positioned itself as an active partner for digital transformation like for the upcoming requirements of the “Connected Worker”.

About YES
The Youth Employment Service (YES) is a pioneering, business-driven initiative, which has partnered with government and labour to tackle South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis and drive youth employability. YES aims to create work experiences for youth at scale by enabling a business to co-creator a future that works. In this process, a business can gain one or two levels upon its B-BBEE scorecard.

YES has already proven itself to be one of the true innovators in South Africa, generating over R4.6 billion in youth salaries and more than 82,000 quality work experiences in under three years, all with no government funding. The not-for-profit organisation has had over 2,200 corporate sign-ups since its inception. Find out more at Say YES. It’s a win-win-win for company, country and youth!

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