Schauenburg Systems Shaping the Future of 15 Youth in Cape Town through Bursaries

16. May 2023

Schauenburg Systems donated funds to Kukhula Global Projects to change the lives of 15 unemployed learners from disadvantaged communities. These learners were provided with a bursary to gain a qualification in order to make them more employable.


Schauenburg Systems is creating an impact with the youth of South Africa by awarding bursaries and ensuring that learners acquire scarce skills and qualifications, to develop into our future professionals and prepare them for future employment. Schauenburg Systems pursues sustainable success in partnership with Kukhula Global Projects, where a National Certificate in Management (NQF Level 05) Qualification is being hosted for the 15 bursars who are being taught how to sustain and shape their future.


As part of the Jobs Connect initiative, which is a collaboration between the City of Cape Town and Leelyn Management to address unemployment gaps, youth was sourced from this a bursary was offered specifically to youth candidates. These learners were selected and given the opportunity to join the bursary through Kukhula Global Projects who have been changing lives since 2002.


Topics such as Operational Strategies, Team Performance, Leadership, Financial Control and Talent Management are covered, providing them with the skills and competencies that they need for the workplace.


Utilising technology solutions, the students are able to conduct their training and complete assignments fully online with the use of Kukhula’s online platform and virtual classes.


Kukhula was honoured to host Schauenburg Systems CEO, Dieter Kovar, on Friday 05 May 2023 to meet with the bursary students both face-to-face and virtually to discuss their hopes and dreams for the future and what they have learnt in the qualification thus far.


“Funds donated towards bursaries that benefit the youth of South Africa is an investment in a brighter future. By supporting education, we can help break the cycle of poverty and empower the next generation to create positive change in their communities and beyond,” says, Dieter Kovar, CEO of Schauenburg Systems.


The collaboration between Schauenburg and Kukhula Global Projects promises to make a difference for our Youth and once the group has successfully completed their qualification, a certificate ceremony will be hosted to celebrate their hard work and dedication.


“Kukhula is privileged to be a part of this initiative and looks forward to Shaping the future with these learners,” says Lynette De La Ray, Director at Kukhula Global Projects.


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