Schauenburg Ventures invests in Coboworx GmbH

6. June 2024

Schauenburg Ventures is investing in Coboworx GmbH, a specialist in robot automation for SMEs. The focus is on process-ready, easy-to-install robot cells, for example for palletising via app or robot-controlled machine loading and unloading. Thanks to the modular design based on the building block principle, the entire robot cell can be created online using a configurator and customised to the customer’s individual and industry-specific requirements.

“Coboworx is a predestined example of the core of our ventures strategy with a very good investment fit and an attractive overall setup for close cooperation opportunities and synergies with our industrial portfolio in vertical automation/robotics,” explains Malvine Komorek, Managing Director of Schauenburg Ventures. “We appreciate Coboworx’s consistent go-to-market strategy and the exceptional financing leasing model. Just like us, Coboworx is fundamentally pursuing the goal of increased automation in SMEs.”

“We focus on easy-to-configure, easy-to-commission and easy-to-maintain robot systems,” explains Olaf Gehrels, Managing Director of Coboworx. Together with Ralf Zeisberger, he founded the company in 2019 with the aim of making automation simple and transparent, especially for small and medium-sized companies: “By combining modular hardware and the standardised, digital and transparent procurement process, we offer industrial solutions at ‘lightweight prices’, which now makes industrial automation profitable for any size of company.”

Further information on Coboworx can be found at Robot solutions for SMEs

Düsseldorf / Salmtal
6. June 2024