Schauenburg Ventures invests in Eleven Dynamics AG

21. September 2023

Schauenburg Ventures invests in Eleven Dynamics AG, a leading software development company from Switzerland that specializes in Industry 4.0 solutions. With its NEXOS software, the company offers automated solutions without hardware or software dependencies for more efficiency and automation in industrial processes.

“Automation, Industry 4.0 and the digital twin are important future topics for Schauenburg International. Eleven Dynamics’ technology driven by a strong team thus fits perfectly into our Ventures profile,” explains Malvine Komorek, Investment Manager of Schauenburg Ventures. “We are convinced of additional synergies with companies from our core portfolio and are pleased to accompany Eleven Dynamics in its future development as an investor and partner.”

Santiago Droll, founder and CEO of Eleven Dynamics AG, is also pleased about the successful financing round: “This step paves the way for accelerated growth and market expansion. Schauenburg Ventures in particular opens up a completely new market access for us. Our rapid development signals an upcoming Series A round that potential investors should keep an eye on.”

For more information on Eleven Dynamics, visit Eleven Dynamics – The Future of Automation (

Eleven Dynamics AG is an investment of SCHAUENBURG Ventures GmbH, itself part of the SCHAUENBURG International Group.

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