SCHAUENBURG Ventures invests in NODE Robotics

31. January 2022

Düsseldorf / Stuttgart, January 2022 – SCHAUENBURG Ventures invests in NODE Robotics GmbH. NODE offers plug-and-play software solutions for autonomous intralogistics, mainly for driverless transport vehicles and mobile robots. By using the NODE.OS software, the autonomous transport vehicles merge into collaboratively operating fleets.
“NODE thus provides the basis for the widespread use of autonomous mobile robots – AMR for short – in production and intralogistics,” explains Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Stefan Dörr. “Our software is a new operating system for collaborative AMR fleets, similar to what Windows is for PCs. The best thing about it is that our operating system works independently of the manufacturer of the transport vehicle. This allows us to implement tailormade solution for individual applications – from virtual lane guidance to free navigation.”
“NODE Robotics GmbH is an excellent addition to our portfolio-Vertical Automation in the field of robotics,” says Moritz Schumacher, Managing Director of SCHAUENBURG Ventures. “Through NODE, we cover the future technology of autonomous driving, especially autonomous fleet management. We are firmly convinced that this technology will continue to grow in importance as it has a high level of efficiency. Furthermore, we see a high potential for synergies with some of our other portfolio companies and technologies.”

For more information on NODE, please visit NODE Robotics.

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