Experts from the deconta Group participate in the EDI for European standardisation of decontamination procedures

6. June 2023

Isselburg / Madrid, June 2023 – The deconta Group, as an industry-renowned equipment manufacturer and developer of system solutions for contaminant remediation and decontamination, is a new member of the European Decontamination Institute (EDI). The Institute is the leading platform for national associations, companies and suppliers in the field of contaminants. It supports and promotes developments in Europe that are of interest to the decontamination industry. According to the EDI, hazardous contaminants are all wastes that pose a serious immediate risk to human health or the environment, such as asbestos, PCBs and PCB-contaminated equipment, lead, radioactive waste, and many others.
Within the EDI, teams of experts are involved in setting and promoting European standards for decontamination procedures. “The international expert teams work together to develop definitions and procedural rules for the decontamination of hazardous substances, which are then in turn incorporated into EU-wide legislation as a legislative proposal,” explains Volker Reidegeld, Managing Director of the deconta Group.
Florian Tiemann and Fedayi Coban regularly take part in the exchange: “As the only specialist in pollutant clean-up, deconta contributes valuable manufacturer experience from black/white separation to these committees. In return, we learn a lot about current European developments in the pollutant clean-up sector and especially in the field of nuclear decontamination.”
Through their active participation in the EDI, deconta Group experts will support the Institute’s work and goals with full energy. Further information are available online: . The decon-ta Group is a part of SCHAUENBURG International group.

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