New Customer Suite at Schauenburg Analytics Group

22. March 2022

Bridgend, March 2022 – During their visit to Schauenburg Analytics Group’s new headquarters in Brid-gend, UK, Florian G. Schauenburg and Joachim Simon jointly opened the new Customer Suite. This new area is used for customer demonstration and service activities of both Markes International Ltd. and SepSolve Analytical Ltd., acts as an interactive suite for both virtual and in-person training, and is used for new market development projects utilising the instruments.
“It has been a long time since we welcomed the Schauenburg team to our premises, with the pandemic inevitably getting in the way, and it was especially important that we got to show off our brand-new headquarters. We had a tour of the facility and then a small ceremony and speeches with all the em-ployees, whilst connecting all our field personnel via TEAMS video, many of whom are relatively new to the business so haven’t met Florian or Joachim before. It was also lovely to meet everyone in person.” says a delighted Alun Cole, founding director of Markes International, part of the Schauenburg Analytics Group.

About Schauenburg Analytics
The specialist analytical instrument manufacturers in Schauenburg Analytics Group harness applications and engineering expertise to improve all aspects of the gas chromatography workflow and deliver better business and scientific outcomes for both research and routine laboratories.

Our mission is to develop technologies that allow scientists around the world to improve throughput and maximise the quality and quantity of information extracted from every sample. With expertise in every area from sample preparation to the processing and interpretation of complex data sets we also provide the ongoing support and partnership your laboratory can rely on.
More information about the Schauenburg Analytics Group can be found at: Schauenburg Analytics Markes International Ltd SepSolve Analytical Ltd

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