SCHAUENBURG International sponsors junior handball team

9. November 2022

In order to promote young sports talent in Mülheim, Schauenburg International GmbH supports the B-youth team of the female handball team of DJK Tura 05 Dümpten e.V. The team of the local club is made up of players born in 2006 / 2007 and is playing very successfully in the HVN-Oberliga this season. “Since there are few clubs in Mülheim in the female youth area, players from other clubs have joined our team again and again in recent years,” reports coach Leonie Reiter, who herself plays in the Verbandsliga. In order to intensify the team’s community structure, the club is planning a training camp. It is planned that the handballers can improve the team spirit beside intensive training units also with highlights such as Beach handball. The team will then have to qualify for the top division again in May/June 2023. The players will then have to compete in their first year of A-youth for age reasons.

“When a local association approaches us with a request, and we see that we can do good in a specific case, we are happy to do so within the scope of our possibilities,” says Joachim Simon, Managing Director of Schauenburg International. “This is only made possible by pledges of donations, because as a small association we cannot do it alone. Our thanks go to Schauenburg Inter-national, which has made a big contribution to the success of the trip,” adds coach and handball team member Peter van Doorn.

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